The National Historical Machinery Association Inc. is offering affiliated Clubs, and their members, an opportunity to place advertisements for the sale of collectables, vintage machinery, antiques and other items of history, along with the opportunity of listing items you may be seeking to buy on the NHMA Website for FREE!!

Advertisements and/or listings will be placed on the website for a period of three (3) months at no cost to affiliated Clubs and the members.  If an item has not been sold within the three (3) month period the advertisement and/or listing may be resubmitted for an additional three (3) months.

To place and advertisement and/or listing, simply complete the form below and press the submit button.

Pictures of sale items, etc. may be forwarded to along with your name and details so that the pictures can be accurately placed with advertisement and/or listing.

Please note that only private advertisements and/or listings will be accepted and that advertisements or notices for auctions and clearing sales will be rejected.

Please also take the time to fill out all of the required information on the form as incorrectly submitted forms may result in your advertisement and/or listing being rejected.  Please note that the National Historical Machinery Association Inc. maintains the right to reject any advertisement and/or listing which is deemed to be inappropriate.


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Please provide the information you would like posted on the website.  This information MUST include a sale price for those items being posted for sale.

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