"BERT" the Clayton Shuttleworth Traction Engine
Restoration by members of the Machinery Preservation Club
of Western Australia.

Report by Ralph Thomas

After several years of dedicated work; club President Peter Diamond and his hard working team, were rewarded last week at the Machinery Preservation Club of W. A. home at the Midland Railway Workshop when they fired up the restored "Bert" for the first time.

Click for larger image The normal Tuesday work gang all stopped to share Peter's delight at the success of doing a great job and to watch him drive proudly up and down the workshop.

Apart from a few minor problems, the boys were more than happy with the test run and after maneuvering it back into its parking area, set about sorting them out.
Next, 'Bert' will have his livery and other bits and pieces fitted, ready for his official presentation to the public; which will possibly be at the Steamers Day in August, at the Midland Railway Workshops.

Thanks here must go to Lachlan Milne, a visitor from Sydney and a curious spectator, who just happened on the scene with some friends, and kindly obliged by taking some photos for me to record this important occasion.

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