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17th November 2019
Report and photos by Ralph and Wendy Thomas.

After an extremely hot Saturday, Sunday 17th arrived as a much cooler and pleasant day, for the 150 or so Vintage vehicles who attended this Car Day.

There was a ride range of mostly beautifully restored vintage vehicles of all makes and size, with a few others, showing a range of other interesting additions.

The MPC had just a small display to add to the vehicles, markets and food stalls, all of which did a roaring trade during the 6 hours of the show.

Max Leggett, and helper Eric Rose, with his engine; this time with Clydesdale ‘Elijha’, ‘Murphy’ the Collie and driver ‘Polly’, added to the display.

Ross and Colleen Morton displayed their Moffat Virtue engine.

Ralph and Wendy Thomas had a small display of carbide lamps, their Deleika organ and rope machine.
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Machinery Preservation Club of WA Inc. - Open Day 28th October 2018 at the Midland Railway Workshops.

28th October 2018
Report and photos by Ralph and Wendy Thomas.

Those Members who supported our "Open Day" on 28th October would agree that it was without doubt, a resounding success. You can all give yourselves a pat on the back for your combined effort to achieve this. The BBQ Crew made an early start and were soon serving hamburgers and sausage sizzles, with tea, coffee and cakes from the kitchen; this continued for most of the day.

The engine crews also had engines fired up, with "Bert" on full steam adding to the action, and the big doors were opened to blow out the fumes and smoke.

Our "Swap Meet" also did good business, getting rid of excess items. This looks to be something we will pursue in the future.

The big bonus of the day has got to be the honour of having the Shearer Steam Wagon on display for the first and only appearance in Western Australia. Doug Baker and his crew have done an excellent job in building this magnificent replica, and it was admired by all who attended. The Shearer is now heading for the Dock Museum in Mannum, South Australia soon, where it will be on permanent display.

From all the MPC members, a big thank you and well done Doug.

Thanks here must also go to all the vintage enthusiasts who displayed their motor cycles and cars. Something we should bear in mind should they request our attendance at one of their functions.

It was pleasing to see a lot of familiar faces, some of whom travelled great distances to attend our day. We thank you all for attending our special day.
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NHMA Murray Bridge Rally
Report by Ralph & Wendy Thomas; WA State Rep/Webmaster.

These are only a few of the exhibits we have photographed so far.

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Report by Ralph Thomas; WA State Rep/Webmaster.

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The NHMA Committee of management met at Pine River in Queensland, on the weekend of their Rally the 9th September 2018. They were made very welcome by the local club, The Pine River Historic Machinery Restoration Society Inc.

The meeting went extremely well, with a lot of business getting done under the new President Peter Garnham. Unfortunately owing to ill health, Secretary Ken Bock tendered an apology, but his position was well catered for by Ass Secretary Christine Bock. After the meeting the Committee members were able to enjoy the rally (between heavy showers) and meet the locals who proudly displayed their exhibits.

The well attended and delightfully prepared Rally Dinner was served under the Music Shell adjacent to the Rally ground. A welcome was extended to the visiting NHMA Committee. President Peter Garnham responded by thanking the local club for their invitation and hospitality. This was followed by a Q & A Session, allowing the Pine River members the opportunity to get firsthand information from the Committee. The Pine Rivers Club also used this occasion the present some well earned Life Membership awards to hard working members. A report on these proceedings will be in the next edition of the Pine River newsletter.

The NHMA Committee members felt this had been a successful weekend and trust that the locals felt the same.

If your Club would like to host an NHMA Committee at your Rally please contact the Secretary.
Photo of Committee of NHMA Management.

L to R - Back Row: Daryl Whatley – Treasurer; Phillip Morrison – Tas. State Rep; Kevin Elphick – NSW State Rep; Peter Garnham – President; Steve Carter – NSW State Rep; Alan Shephard – 1st Past President; Brian Culley – Vic. State Rep; Jayme Marshall – Vice President; Norm Johnston – Vic. State Rep; Front Row: John Richardson – SA State Rep; Ray Blain – Qld. State Rep; Craig Cooper – Qld. State Rep; Ralph Thomas – WA State Rep/Webmaster and Christine Bock
– Ass. Secretary.

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11 November 1937 – 15 August 2018


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TOMMS - Ian Stewart 1
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TOMMS - Ian Stewart 2
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Vale - Ian Stewart
Written by Ian's close friend Alf Shand, and read by his Son at the funeral
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Vale - Ian Stewart
Vale to Ian, read at the funeral by Son-in Law Bill Ives, on behalf of the Family

Longford Pulls It Off Again

March 3rd and 4th 2018 saw Sale Vintage Tractor Club (S.V.T.C.) have one of it’s most successful Tractor Pulls at Longford, Vic.
This was the 34th year with the Big One in 2019.
The beautiful weather favoured both spectators and participants alike.

Over 80 tractors hooked up ranging from Under 10 HP, Howards, Baby Inters including Farmall cubs right through to the Big Boys.
With standard Chamberlains also making an appearance no Tractor Pull would be complete without the Big C.
A well restored International and an Oliver 1950 with a 4.53 GM also made its “Mark” !

Prizes for the day included presentation to a Case 1030, 1st and 2nd alike.
The event was supported as usual by Trafalgar Truck Club, Small Engines, Chainsaws and Motor Bikes.

The Ladies and a Gentleman from Longford Primary School provided a delicious 2 course meal on the Saturday evening making for 70 very satisfied diners.
Even the little spectators were catered for by way of a Jumping Castle being in operation.

Gate takings exceeded previous years and at the end of the weekend’s Tractor Pull all trophies went to the “Pool Room”.
March 2019 will herald an even bigger event with S.V.T.C. hosting a Twilight Tractor Pull at Longford to celebrate 35 years.

Definitely not one to be missed, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Chris Richardson

“Longford Lassie”


Attached is an obituary for Graham Hein, the late Vice-President, as read at his funeral service 16/01/2018.

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Congratulations to Ian and Kate Stewart on receiving this very well deserved award;
presented to them at the NHMA AGM in Maitland, NSW, on 8th April, 2016.

We were at Lake Goldsmith with you in 1987, and we know the hard work you both put it.

Ralph and Wendy Thomas. Webmasters.
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It is a sad task that I have to report that our member, Ernest Henry Lester-Smith, passed away on October 17, 2017, Aged 94.

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Read more about Ernest Lester-Smith


David (dec) and Shirley Boyle were very special people and strong supporters of the NHMA and the vintage machinery movement.

They attended almost every National Rally with their marvellous collection of scale model machinery, and won the Best Display at the 2011 Rally, held at Fairbridge, in Western Australia.

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Collectors Sale (3rd November)
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Samson Windmill
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Ken Wilson, P.O. Box 201 Wodonga, Victoria 3689

Do you collect cream separators and all other associated dairy industry items, equipment and memorabilia?

If so, would you be interested in becoming a member of the
‘Cream Separator Collectors Association of Australia’

This Association was formed at the beginning of July 2017. For further information, please write to:
Ken Wilson
PO Box 201

Please include a stamped, addressed DL envelope for return postage.

Thank you,
Ken Wilson



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March 4th & 5th 2017 saw yet again another great vintage tractor rally weekend at Longford - home of Sale Vintage Tractor Club. The weather started a little cool and showery, but any rain settled the track dust and did not interfere with Sunday's activities.

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Click for larger image The Wishart Trophy was awarded to the Wythe Brothers (1st and 3rd from left) for their exceptional Display of Austral Engines. Also pictured are a family member (2nd from left), Wedderburn President (Trevor Bailey), NHMA President Alan Shephard and NHMA WA Representative, Ralph Thomas.

Hamilton Pastoral Museum awarded Brian Haddon from Wedderburn the 2017 N.H.M.A. Encouragement Award

Hamilton Pastoral Museum awarded the "Club Choice" award to the Wedderburn exhibitors.

Hamilton Pastoral Museum awarded the "Mayors Choice" award to the Wythe Family.

Click for larger image N.H.M.A. officials awarded Junior Trophies/Achievement awards to

Liam Jeffries (Hamilton) for his Blacksmithing Skills.
Milton Fulford (Yackandah/Corryong) -1966 Ford F750 Sundial 2HP
Ben Mackie - (Hamilton) International Tractor
Matthew Baudinette - (Hamilton) 1938 Faneco/Wholer Ronald Tippet Saw Bench

Also attached at the top of this report is a short history of each of these Juniors.

Click for larger image Ralph Thomas, the WA Rep, gave a short speech recognising the 30th Anniversary of the NHMA; acknowledging those attendees at the Inaugural meeting of the NHMA at Lake Goldsmith in 1987.

L to R: Wendy Thomas (WA), Trevor Bailey (NSW), Unknown, Ralph Thomas (WA).
Also present, but not in photograph was Greg McNiece from Rally Badges.


Click for larger image The weather did not look encouraging as we left home about 6 am; it was just coming light and raining, with the hills shrouded in grey clouds. However by the time we arrived at Guildford the rain turned to drizzle then stopped and blue skies followed, with the rest of the day fine and sunny.

Stirling Square was soon a hive of activity with all sorts of entertainment being set up in preparation for the Heritage Festival.

The MPC put on an impressive range of vintage machinery; although a bigger area would have been beneficial, as some of our exhibits had to be displayed behind others. We had twelve members and some partners in attendance and most agreed that this was the biggest fair to be held there. The fence line had a continuance of interested and happy spectators all day. This is always encouraging for those who attend and have their exhibits appreciated.

The Tractor Club of WA and The Hand Tool Society were our neighbours on either side, and they too spoke of it being a great event. There was a large stage set up with all sorts of entertainment and several bands playing varied music including Rock and Roll, and the dance floor was over-flowing with energetic patrons strutting their stuff. There was also a noticeable number of punters dressed in retro gear, adding flavour and atmosphere to the day. Added to this, was a great choice of food vendors, and no shortage of market stalls with some very innovative items on display and sale, highlighting the fact that there is no shortage of talented people around.

We must not forget the inclusion of several other organisations who contributed to the historic theme of the day.

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Australian Allis Chalmers Network

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  • BOMBALA RALLY. 11th – 13th November 2016.

    Click for larger image Bombala Historic Engine Machine Society’s 10th Rally had a real successful rally with a lovely day, and with excellent attendance both by the exhibitors and the public.

    There were so many exhibits from far away and local exhibitors and such variety. Here are a few… The Snowy River Club had a large display of equipment, dozers graders, and work trucks.

    Also we had a German command car, a small tank, along with a troop carrier truck. A Lykamobile steam car arrived from Victoria complete with passengers. The Lord family bought along a stream tractor.

    There were old cars, a Model TT Ford previously owed by Curtis Caldwell & Co. that is very rare and came from the Delegate area, also a vintage Chevrolet car. Many small exhibits: one of old butter churns, antique sewing machines, antique logging saws, old chainsaws, lawn mowers, and tractors, plus, Nuffield Diesel, David Browns, Internationals, Fords, Allis Chalmers, are just a few of the names. A large group of BIG trucks, logging trucks displayed by Mark Rodwell, carriers and old fire trucks The Crossely Engine was on a low loader, waiting to be housed.

    One of the main features was the Rocket Racers Covers; from Bairnsdale Vic. which was a big hit with the big kids Small cars made from a manifold covers and raced down a elevated race track.

    For the little kids there were games, face painting, jumping castle and fairy floss. There were over 150 displays: including small engines, small steam engines, stationary engines, pumps, compressors, old hand tools and the smithy was in full form, drawing a crowd. 2MNO broadcasted from the rally grounds all day Saturday.

    We were also fortunate to have the National Historical Machinery Association Inc committee holding a meeting during our rally.

    See you in November 2018

    Also seen at the Rally were Murray and Joy Masterton with their excellent display of Detroit Engines, including a 3.53 Military Truck Diesel engine and a 6.53 Diesel Marine Engine. Dave Oram, another owner of Detroit Engines was also displaying at this rally. Regular start-ups during the rally were always a big crowd pleaser and attracted many spectators.

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