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Grant Writing

Welcome to our Grant Writing Assistance Program

Download the Grant Letter to Clubs and the EOI for Grant Writing

The NHMA is always looking for ways to help our member clubs. We have put in place a Grant Writing Assistance Program (GWAP) where following a short Expression of Interest process if your club/project has been selected, we can engage our specialist grant writing experts Red Tape Busters to prepare an application for a grant program to help you fund your organisation’s project free of charge.

Our partners Red Tape Busters (RTB) have over 23 years’ experience in the grant writing field and write grants for clubs and organisations all over Australia. To date they have won over $130 million in funding and counting. They have been successful in winning funding for projects such as repairs to facilities and replace equipment as a result of the floods; funding to improve your facilities and displays, purchase heritage/antique machinery, purchase facility maintenance equipment, purchase equipment for the office/organisation, purchase equipment to assist volunteers, solar projects, and disability/female specific projects. The list is almost endless.

 Member Clubs complete the EOI (link above) and return to Bill Ives – for assessment by the NHMA Team. If approved, it will be given to the RTB team to produce a quality application. We cover the cost to RTB! As Grant opportunities open, we will be sending clubs an overview of the grants available with suggestions on the types of projects clubs might think about together with suggestions on the amount of funding that we think will give our clubs the better chances of success.

 The recommendations in the grant information below certainly don’t preclude other project types or projects needing more funding than suggested being put forward in an EOI … we just always want to try and ensure our projects are likely to be successful and therefore the smaller the funding request – the better chance of success but if your project is high quality then your project might well have a great chance of success. You won’t know until you complete an EOI and start the potential free grant process.

This EOI process will be competitive with many clubs wanting to take advantage of this benefit, given we have a finite budget we will only be selecting the best projects after consultation with RTB showing the best chance of success. To help assess the EOI we will be considering what sort of project you have, how much it costs (relevant to the maximum grant funding amount in any particular grant program), how will the project benefit the wider community, how prepared/organised are you with quotes, any approvals required from say Council and any other supporting information/documentation you might have and how willing and able you are to offer RTB the assistance they need to prepare a quality application.

 “Please note the grants below are current examples of open opportunities. Red Tape Busters will be updating our organisation regularly as new grants open in other states, regional areas, and councils, which we will forward to our members. We advise that all members respond with an EOI as soon as possible once they see a grant that suits them.”

 Once an EOI is approved Red Tape Busters will then contact you to start the application process.

 This is a truly exciting initiative by NHMA and we look forward to helping a number of clubs across 2023.