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Lodge Your Rally

Our traditional posters/flyers are typically perfect for our local communities and regulars who know our events well. However, there is sometimes key information missing for an online audience. Remember, those on social media might be seeing your poster from all over Australia and the world. Having a QR code to scan for more information can also be a problem for some potential visitors to your event.
This guide aims to support clubs to create promotional material that includes all relevant information for a broad audience.
Download here

Include here if opening and closing times vary on rally days
location name e.g. Showground etc and street address, town, STATE AND POSTCODE needed.
Please include multiple day ticket prices and any other details about your rally.

Please send your image by email to (Your preferred image size is 25cm wide x 14cm deep). If you don’t supply an image I will find one on your website / Facebook page.