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Ian Stewart Award

This award has been established to encourage young people to get involved in our hobby to keep it alive for future generations. Ian Stewart was very passionate about getting the young involved and was a founding Member of the NHMA. He felt that a National body to bring all Vintage Machinery Enthusiasts together was the way to grow the hobby and pass on the knowledge of all members to the younger generations.

The guidelines for the award are set out in a way that asks the young enthusiast to strive to do the best they can with their chosen project and seek advice and assistance from a mentor and other club members. The NHMA committee all agreed that the award funding deserves to be a substantial amount, so we felt that this investment of up to $8000.00 per year was an appropriate amount ($1000.00 per Australian state and territory).

Before completing an application form an individual or group must seek the support of a local club. This club must be an NHMA Member Club and must complete the relevant section of the application form and forward the application to NHMA.

The NHMA Committee is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Ian Stewart Award.

This year we have two worthy recipients representing South Australia and New South Wales.

 width= In SA we have Jack Cox aged 22. Jack is a member of the Lower Murray Vintage Engine and Machinery Club from Murray Bridge SA. Jack’s project is a 5HP Petter Junior 2 Stroke Engine. The club sent in a great report about Jack stating what a great member he is and how he supports the club and their activities. Jack is a very worthy recipient.
 width= In NSW we have Jake Williams aged 15. Jake a member of the Cootamundra and District Machinery Restoration Society. Jake's project is the restoration of a Buzacott Farm Pumper from 1958-59. Jake and his family are all interested in old machinery. The Secretary of the Club sent a letter of support outlining the support the club has given through Jake’s mentor.

These two young enthusiasts are a great example of what we are trying to do, encourage more young people involved in our great hobby. For their effort they will receive a certificate and a cheque for $1,000.00 each.

We now have 3 recipients over the last 2 years restoring 3 different types of machines.
Daniel Howarth 2020 NSW Owen Cox Mow Mobile, Jack Cox South Australia 2021 5HP Petter Junior 2 Stroke Engine and Jake Williams NSW 2021 Buzacott Farm Pumper.

We encourage you as club members to speak up in support of this award at your next meeting and encourage your younger members to get involved. Your club committee can get the paperwork from the NHMA Secretary, the NHMA web site or the NHMA Facebook page. Let’s get an application from every State and Territory for the 2022 Awards.

Ian Stewart Award Letter From State Reps

Ian Stewart Young Enthusiast Award application form