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Insurance and Safety

Download the latest National Historical Machinery Association Inc.
Rally Handbook and Safety Management System

Download the Incident Report Form – Injury and Property

Golden Rules
The NHMA Committee has written a document that is a single page and intended as a brief summary of what we call the “Golden Rules”. These are those rules that are  absolutely set in concrete.
The document should be read as the headlines of our safety management system found in our Rally Handbook and agreed with our insurers. 
Many of you will be aware none of these are new and traditionally these have always been there, and we all have had to abide by them for years, it’s just a quick guide for every member to take, not only when setting up and running your exhibit at a rally, but it is good practice for whenever you run an engine, even at home. 
Please read and commit them to memory, as we all want to go home to our families after a great day at a rally.

Download the “Golden Rules”

For all insurance information please first contact your own club Secretary. If your Secretary does not know the answer to your question they can contact the NHMA secretary by email.
We have provided an insurance manual to all affiliated clubs.

Safety Guidelines
All Member Clubs are advised that some amendments have been made to the NHMA Safety Guidelines.  These amendments apply as of now.  Please advise all nominated members of your Club of the changes.  Better still copy the guidelines in full and give each member a copy.
So that insurance costs can be kept as low as possible and events are a safe environment for participants and the visiting public alike, the NHMA Committee of Management urge all Clubs to closely follow the Safety Guidelines when conducting an event.
The NHMA does not wish to be in a position where rules are made and enforced by bodies or agencies outside our hobby; this would create a situation that most of us would be uncomfortable with.

Safe Operating Procedures     
These are available to download below.